Presented without fanfare…

Our latest script tanked.

13 people read it.

All said no.

And while this was an attempt to write a more mainstream script than BALLS OUT, it was still too retarded to sell.

In any case, we decided to throw it up here in case anyone had WAAAAYYYYYY too much time on their hands and wanted to give it a read.



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3 Responses to Presented without fanfare…

  1. Mongo Needfood says:


    We don’t ever get comments anymore!

  2. Jim says:

    Reading that was an awesome way to slack off at work for a couple hours. Hilarious. Thank you.

  3. Matt Hugs says:

    I liked it. I don’t understand or see how casinos would agree to be portrayed that way to get the necessary shots, but I like it. A little heavy on the ball smearing… But a lot of guys I’ve worked with would love this. Too bad they released those hangover dumps.

    One thing bothered me from the get go – why do they know Shelly the waitress? Can’t she just be some waitress? Establishing blue collar-ness? Other than that it was an entertaining movie in my brain. I liked Bing Su.

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