That’s right.

The Robotard 8000 has finished another screenplay.

Now, when I say finished, I mean that we completed the first draft of a new screenplay.

And we’re still too close to it to know if it sucks termite balls or is THE GREATEST THING WE’VE EVER WRITTEN AS A SECOND SCRIPT!

Hopefully, you guys will never get to read it.

Meaning, we’re turning it over to our reps this weekend and hopefully we won’t be shut down like with BALLS OUT.

Hopefully we won’t HAVE to post this one on the internet.

But who knows, more likely than not it will end up here either way.


We are returning to the NASHVILLE SCREENWRITER’S CONFERENCE next weekend for the second annual ROBOTARD THEATER 8000 presentation. We will screen a rotten stinkpile of a film and talk shit over it along with ALEC BERG (Seinfeld, The Dictator), JEFF LOWELL (Hotel For Dogs, John Tucker Must Die), PHIL HAY (Clash of the Titans, R.I.P.D.) and perhaps a surprise guest or two. This happens next Friday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Go to www.nashscreen.com for more details.

We’re gonna try and record it this time and maybe, like, you know, post it here and then, like, you can watch the shitty movie at home and listen to our shitty commentary along with it.

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