Okay, so anyone still reading this dumb-ass blog probably has some idea of how THE ROBOTARD 8000 came to be.  I, Mongo, met this other dude, Battle Dolphin Zero, on a message board for WGA members, an open sore cesspool called WRITER ACTION and we proceeded to make each other laugh.

A few months later, we met in person, continued to make each other laugh and became friends.  We IM’d a lot, still making each other laugh and then decided, fuck it, we should try writing something together.

Then we fought with each other on a daily basis for a number of months (while still making each other laugh) and the result was BALLS OUT.

But how did we ever come to find ourselves writing comedy?

I figure I’ll tell my brief story and provide an example of my early comedic writing and maybe with some persuasion from you fine folks, we can get BDZ to do the same.


I was gonna write out some long-ass thing but the reality is, you guys don’t care.  So I’ll bullet point it.

1) Growing up, I always used comedy to defuse tense situations and cope with personal tragedy.

2) When I started writing, I naturally did the same in trying to balance the tone in more serious stories.

3) I became friends with Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s assistant and got to hang out with them a bit in social situations.  Four years later, completely out of the blue, I got hired to write on South Park.

4) People actually paid me cash money to sit around a table with Trey and Matt and a number of other INSANELY funny people and laugh my balls off while trying to get any of them to laugh.  To my great surprise, I succeeded more than I failed.

5) After South Park, I got hired by Comedy Central to do a page-one rewrite of one of the worst screenplays I have ever read.  I didn’t want to do it, but it was either that or go back to slinging footlongs in a Subway™ restaurant.

Here is the resulting screenplay, entitled “MEET JOE SIMON”.

Yes, I’m quite certain that it sucks but it definitely exists in the general vicinity of La Ouevré du Robotard.

I’d say, “Enjoy!”, but that would just be cruel.



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  1. Mongo says:


    Not a single comment in two months.

    People must REALLY hate us now.


    Or continue.

    My cock.

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