WE’RE BACK!!!! (sorta)


We feel like dicks.

It’s hard to believe we haven’t updated this shit since last October.

What kind of assholes DO that?

We must be dicks.


Anyway, just wanted to post a quick entry of inconsequence to assure you that lots of things – lots of AWESOME things – are in the works over here at the mongo factory.

1) We are more than halfway through writing a new original script.

2) BALLS OUT has been optioned and we are currently closing in on a director.

3) The Louis C.K. show LOUIE is back on the air and still funny as fuck.

4) Multiple balls continue to batwing and require almost constant pinch and rolling.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks!

So if any of you still check in on this loathsome site of ours, STAY TUNED!

An army is forming, people.

A retard army.

A fully armed retard army.

Armed with drool and love for puppies.

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Kimba eat potato.
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2 Responses to WE’RE BACK!!!! (sorta)

  1. Kyle says:

    Your side of the bed has been cold far too long. I miss you dearly.

  2. Kevin says:

    I’ve missed you two. IMMENSELY.

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