One Day Only

I recently wrote this thing.

But no one cares.

So I’m gonna post it here for shits and giggles.

For one day.

One day only.


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Kimba eat potato.
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4 Responses to One Day Only

  1. kleonard says:

    Fuck. You couldn’t just have emailed me this shit while I stayed up all night grinding my teeth down and dreaming about how one day I’ll be almost as successful as you? Shit. Next time just hook a brother insomniac up.

    Bed time. I’ll read this masterpiece in the morning.

    Seeing as I’m your number one undisputed fan, how about a couple of questions first…

    Personally, how many pages can you bang out in a sitting (regardless of if you think they’re shit)? I always see (one of you) online in the early AM.

    What gig are you and the other half working on? Just tell us.

    If you tell me, I promise to drop copies of both your resumes/scripts at every office on the WB lot. That’s how shit gets done there apparently. Executives love it when they get 100+ page scripts under their windshields.

  2. Adam M. says:

    Dr. M. Spellman. Nice touch.

  3. Mongo says:


    1) I’ve written as many as 40 pages in a day but usually it’s like 2-5 per day through the first act and the first half of the second act. Then I usually realize, OH FUCK-I’VE ONLY GOT, LIKE, 30 PAGES LEFT IN WHICH TO WRAP THIS THING UP, and I’ll sprint to the end.

    2) Can’t talk about this yet. But on my own I worked on a HUGE New Line movie with a HUGE director over x-mas that just got greenlit but will do my career no good.

    3) I would really love to see someone paper the WB lot with scripts on windshields – that would be funny as fuck to me.

  4. KLeonard says:

    Thanks Mongo. Left you some positive remarks on your Twitter. Great easy read. It really feels like something that Twisted Pics would pick up, unless they’re now all too good for anyone because of the Saw movies.

    Supposedly I wrap up shop here at the WB lot in May, so I had already planned on leaving copies of one of my specs on the nicely labeled executive parking spots, so I’ll be more than happy to leave something of yours here as well. If you have an exec you want me to target, let me know (email me on facebook). I think I head back to dear Sony in Culver after that, so I’ll be doing the same thing there. As always, leave any info off the cover sheet minus a fake email for them to get to you. They don’t care for littering. Also, I can hit all the talent up here too. So if you want Sheen for anything before he heads back to rehab, you’ve got like a week for me to get something to him.

    And if you think I’m joking, I’m not. I’ll send pics. The “Shit My Dad Says” people fucking hate me.

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